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About Unlimited Investment


Unlimited Investment is a professional cryptocurrency researcher/developer. Our ultimate goal is to create a different kind of currency. A currency that combines the ease of use of cash and the security of Bitcoin. We want to create the Unlimited coin. Use it anywhere, anytime, you control every aspect of your money at your leisure. Need cash? Not a problem, just get some from an ATM. Prefer using plastic? You can use our card anywhere credit cards are accepted!

With our project you will be making 1.25% every single day. We will be doing all the work while you can enjoy your life, spending time with your family and friends. You know cryptocurrency is not going anywhere, every single day, itís getting more popular and widespread. Ours will combine all the benefits while leaving all the negative aspects out. One of our side-projects is creating a unified trading platform based on Unlimited coin. Imagine being able to exchange any currency for any other shape of money (be it cash or digital) and make profit instead of paying fees and commissions of regular exchange services.

We also have a 10% referral program. That means you get 10% from every deposit made by people you told about us and brought into our team. You can withdraw it any time or reinvest. So the more active you are, the more profits there are in it for you!

Depositing and withdrawing profits are completely automated, with no human interaction. That means your deposit starts working as soon as you make one and your profits get to your wallet as soon as you order a withdrawal!

Payment systems we currently accept are Perfect Money and Payeer (which accepts over 50 other systems and banks so you can use your favorite payment system no matter what it is).

So what are you waiting for? There is no time but now! Become a part of our team and let's build the future of money together!